Personalized Childrens Books

Book Description

Including your child’s name throughout the book as the heroic dog character that helps to save Santa Claus the night he gets stuck in a santa got stuck in the chimmneychimney. Written through jolly rhyming verses and stuffed with colorful images, this joyful story tells exactly how Santa eats all those treats while delivering presents. With his growing tummy, it’s only an issue of time before he gets stuck in a chimney! Who will save Santa so he can get the delivery of presents back on schedule? Any Name can show up throughout the story and additionally within the unique illustrations which will certainly have everybody giggling at this funny story.

Cost:  $29.95


  • Features the child’s name on the cover and in the story.
  • Available in 8.5″ x 11″ hard cover or soft cover personalized book
  • 22 Pages full of colorful illustrations
  • This book cannot be shipped using Express Mail – Please allow 2 weeks for delivery
  • This book only ships within the United States


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